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Farm Kind is place to explore the many interesting facets of our relationship to the world around us. 

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Farm Kind is here for you to explore the interrelationships of food, the environment, and the beings that share this planet.  


Food justice, environmental justice, social justice. 


Let's journey together to discover our place, responsibilities, and obligations in the tapestry of this world we call home. 

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Farm Kind is a resource for everyone. Harold is available for speaking engagements and helping farmers that want or need to transition from animal based practices to plant based.  Among others things Harold promotes stock free organic practices otherwise known as veganic agriculture. 

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August 24, 2019  Columbus, OH Veganfest. 

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There is much happening in the fields of agriculture, animal liberation, human rights, and environmental justice. 

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Here are some the most frequently asked question Harold gets. Perhaps they can answer a few of your questions. 

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