Violence Begets Violence

"Anyone who has proclaimed violence his method inexorably must choose lying as his principle."
                                                                                                                                         - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

In July of 2013 an employee of Valley Protein in California went to work and shot several other employees. People said that he was a nice guy. So what set him off? Is this a fluke? A one off?

No. It is far more common than one thinks. I recently had a long talk with an over the road truck driver who was delivering produce to our co-op. It was early in the morning, and we will call him Mike, was in a chipper mood. Mike is middle aged with a family and has been a truck driver for 20 some years.

We worked at getting his truck unloaded, he in the trailer, me driving the forklift. After we unloaded the order and finished the paperwork Mike still had a smile on his face.
He said, “I love delivering produce to you guys.”
I said, “Is that so? Why?
Mike said that it is too dangerous to haul meat. He related a story about a co-worker, a young family man who worked hauling freight over the road.

He said that the young truck driver was moving a load of meat to New Jersey. While en route a couple of vehicles pulled him off the road and demanded his load.

He complied but when the highwaymen saw that he was carrying frozen pork products they shot the driver, execution style, at the side of the road and left.

Why? According to Mike 24 hours earlier he was scheduled to carry boxed frozen beef. Evidently the highwaymen knew this before hand and expected to take the load. He left behind a wife and a two year old.

This is tragic yet Mike said that he had run into certain people at certain freight terminals that frightened him. He related a story of his first time moving meat to a terminal. He backed his rig to its designated dock and went to help unload it.
Mike said that a man on a forklift came and took the first palate off the back and hightailed it through the terminal. Mike picked up a two by four and gave chase but lost him.

Returning to his truck another man was unloading his truck and a couple of guys were laughing at him. He said to them that it wasn’t funny. He is responsible for the freight on his truck and that it will come out of his pay. One of the men assured him that everything was okay and that his manifest will be correct and no one would be in trouble.


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