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March, 2013
There is an insidious conspiracy afoot that revolves around profit over health, the common good, farm workers rights, environmental concerns, and the expanded use of animals. The following links will show how those involved in the food production, distribution, and retail business are collaborating to shift the consumers perception of what is good food to something else. The main players in these dramas are Whole Foods Market and United Foods. Whole Foods is the worlds largest retailer of "natural" food products while United Foods is the nations largest wholesaler of "natural" foods. Both companies are being investigated for being monopolies. Both have a history of being anti-labor. Whole Foods Market is known to break contracts with producers if they allow farm workers to collectively bargain or unionize and do not allow their workers to unionize.

There is another aspect to the back story of the second article regarding feeding GMO alfalfa to dairy cows. Monsanto has purportedly developed a new alfalfa that is drought resistant. Remember, California is the nations largest dairy producing state and also fresh water poor. By having farmers use this new GMO alfalfa it hedges production against increasing drought situations nation and world wide. One of the real down sides to this new alfalfa is that it requires 2,4,D, a very poisonous herbicide. Yet companies like Stoneyfield Farms and Organic Valley are all for it while being backed by Whole Foods and the USDA. The buzz word is "coexist". they argue that there is no reason that the natural food market and GMO's cannot coexist. This in part is being driven by a smart PR campaign by Whole Foods and Untied Foods to shift public thinking and perception away from the word organic to natural. One word carries legal weight and meaning while the other doesn't.

You can make a difference by not supporting business' that work for these sort of activities.

March, 2008
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D r. McDougall

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